PM Machine

Revolutionizing Machining, Redefining Excellence

What Differentiates Us

PM Machine has busted the paradigm of the machining / contract manufacturing industry by successfully applying the Toyota Production System and Danahar Business System in every aspect of our organization.

About Us

PM Machine is an agile, flexible organization that develops its strategic plan based on the voice of the customer. We are a contract manufacturer for Orthopedic Platforms – Spinal, Hip, Knee, etc.

Our Strategy

  • Strategic plan based on the voice of the customer
  • Identify and provide Fact-Based, Root Cause Solutions to address customer’s issue
  • Focus on Total Cost Solutions so that our customers and PM Machine are positioned for growth
  • Implement Kaizen principles in all our processes and activities

Striving to be the best

We work hard to always provide the very highest Quality, Care and Service in the industry.


We use state of the art CNC machines in manufacturing cells to match our customers’ Takt rates

Six-Sigma Quality

We use data driven Six-Sigma tools to ensure a robust process which results in zero defects

World Class Manufacturing

PM Machine uses manufacturing cells with 1 piece flow, Control Plans, PFMEAs, SPC ran by certified operators

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